8 Creative And Unique Ideas For A Woman’s 50th Birthday Celebration

Getting sentimental with recorded and live greetings at the party, decorating the venue with everything special to her life, putting on clothes like in the days she was younger, distributing old-fashioned goodies in the party, decorating her birthday cake with her favorite childhood theme, playing popular cartoons that were running in the 60s and 70s, opting for a 50s theme birthday party, and theme up with gold will make a 50th birthday party celebration more exciting and memorable for a special woman in your life.

For many women, their 50th birthday heralds a new era in their lives. Throwing a more fun and memorable party for a celebrant is exciting, but it is also a challenging thing to do. The following are some great party ideas for an exciting and memorable 50th birthday celebrations:

Play recorded and live greetings during the party

One of the most special and truly meaningful 50th Birthday Ideas is to play recorded and live greetings during the party. Aside from recording wishes and greetings on your own, you can also gather audio messages from the celebrant’s family and friends by availing services offered online and compile them on a CD. To add to the surprise, let someone special to the celebrant yet unable to join the party call her during the celebration. To make it more memorable and heartwarming, let the person greet the celebrant live during the party.

Make the venue a walk-in scrapbook of her life

Every woman enjoys magazines, photos, and scrapbooks. Make the party venue a blast from the past for the celebrant. You can display photos of her all through her life with her friends and family including her school, wedding and other family pictures. You may also think of displaying some of her favorite quotes, poems, and song lyrics on every table, as well as enlarging and putting her best portraits from her youth in large vintage frames. The place will surely be unique and sentimental at the same time.

Wear clothes that were in fashion during her youth

Bring back the fun times by asking the celebrant and the guests to dress like they used to dress in the 70s or early 80s. Make sure to invite her old friends. Include groovy music and party games they used to have back then. She will definitely have fun just like in her youth.

Serve foods popular in the olden days

Bring back the past on the celebrant’s 50th birthday. It will be a wonderful idea to revive the childhood memories of the celebrant by serving her dishes and pastries which she once loved so much. She will surely enjoy all these goodies with her friends. Expect a night full of laughter and good memories.

Consider her favorite childhood theme for her birthday cake

There are always plenty of surprises during birthdays. Personalize her birthday cake with her favorite icons and themes from the past to make her 50th birthday more surprising and memorable. It is important though to know that the icon you chose was really her childhood favorite.

Show some cartoons that were popular in the 1960s and the 1970s

Play some cartoon clips popular during her childhood to bring out the child-like spirit in her. Present cartoons from the 60s and 70s, such as Saturday Morning Cartoons, Casper, Mighty Mouse, Go Go Gophers, and George of the Jungle. You will be surprised just by how much she will truly enjoy watching her childhood icons.

Go with the 50s theme

Celebrate the 50th year of the celebrant’s life by using a 50s theme at their birthday party. It would be a good idea to encourage her friends and relatives to give their gifts in 50s. For example, one can give her 50 songs from her childhood on a CD if she is a music enthusiast. Another idea is to display 50 kind words that would describe the celebrant and display them on a screen in the venue. You can also have 50 of her family and friends line up and say one adjective each that best describes the celebrant. It is either serious, sentimental, or funny, still you are assured it will liven up the gathering.

Theme up with gold

Gold is the color of 50, so it is a great idea to decorate things with gold. Send gold-colored invitations and encourage guests to wrap their gifts in gold paper and trim. Also, encourage guests to wear something gold. Lastly, you can play golden songs during the celebration party and arrange for a golden table setting for each of the guest.

Hold the party in a really special place, so that it will be remembered as “one of a kind”. It can take place in the celebrant’s familial home, on a ferry, at their vacation home, or in a luxury hotel. This day will never happen again, so make the best out of it.

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