Comic-Con 2009, the Comic Convention

San Diego had their chance of hosting Comic-Con 2009. This ionic comic book convention celebrated it 40th Anniversary on the July 23-26 convention. Stars the comic book world over celebrated the festivities and brought fresh ideas to comic-con fans. What did these festivities bring? With many television series making the grade, the panels that were at Comic-Con arrived with some nice spoilers to give to fans. Those who attended were amazed on how much detail some panels were giving. Here is a list of a few booths that were at the comic-con 2009 festival:

1. True Blood– Vampires are the entire craze at Comic-Con 2009. With the books by Charlaine Harris and the comic book collaborators, True Blood has become a hit within an instance. With the different characters and the different twists and turns, it is no wonder why this has become HBO’s number one hit series. Charlaine Harris has surely created a masterpiece full of interesting plots. Fun for men and women, True Blood will not disappoint.

2. Heroes– This hit television show was present at this years Comic-con with new spoilers for the upcoming season. Creator Tim Kring was giving out hidden gems with Claire’s lesbian romance in the new season. Many fans have been disappointed with how the series has gone but are still waiting for the new season to get everything back on track again. With villains like Sylar and others, it is full of excitement and entertainment. Will the heroes win? Only time will tell.

3. Lost– Creator J.J. Abrams did not miss a beat when he arrived at Comic-Con 2009. With many fans getting disappointed with the path that Lost has went, it was hard for the shows producers to sponsor another season. But lucky for the creator of the show and actors, that was changed. The time of the panel was short but they did get to say that Faraway, a beloved character on the show, will be returning.
Amid all the costumes and fun, Comic-Con 2009 was a hit. With the many stars that showed up to show support. The next planned festival will be in New York in 2010. Comic-Con is fun for everyone and not to mention you get some nice spoilers to your favorite television series. Comic Con has been around for years and with the turnout of this year Comic Con, it is said to continue for many years to come.

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