Dear White People

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Terence Gavish


  • Reanimierensich 2 years ago
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Advertised as funny, but actually a coming-of-age type, February 9, 2015

    It’s true what other reviewers say- most of the funny parts were in the trailer (though Sam’s first movie title killed me!), but the story was also just good in itself.

    Side Preface: The movie was not, to my disappointment, all about ripping white people a new one, but there were definitely satirical moments. The humor isn’t biting but if you know anything about race, you’ll see more meanings/connections underneath the obvious top layer.

    But the movie was really about four different types of black experience: The Malcolm X activist type, the Awkward Doesn’t-Fit-Anywhere guy, the Guy Who Has it Made, the Aspirations of Fame one. By the end, you see each of the four protagonists go through changes and reflect on their supposed fixed positions (or lack thereof) at the university. And even though this movie is about black lives and black stories, it is also relatable for anybody. Believe or not, black people have problems in their lives besides their race, just like everybody else. So four college kids trying to navigate their way through the various pressures around them, on top of being a black face in a white place.

    I was hoping to give this movie 5 stars for biting “They went there!” humor and some kind of deeply emotional climax, but I’ll still give it 4 for a few good jokes, lots of good satire (including that very meta comment at the very end by the tv show producer) and lovely not-stereotypical portrayals of black people just managing their lives and good acting.

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  • The Movie Guy 2 years ago
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    BY ANY BORING MEANS NECESSARY, November 16, 2014
    The Movie Guy (United States) –

    This review is from: Dear White People (Amazon Video)
    This is a movie I thought I would love, but fell flat on comedy and purpose. The film centers on black students at a fictional Ivy League college. There is a Vlog called “Dear White People” which tells white people what black people think…as if they care. One of the funnier lines was that you now need two black friends to not be a racist and Tyrone who sells you weed doesn’t count. Yup. That was a real knee slapper.

    Sam White (Tessa Thompson) is a bi-racial student, they actually used the word “mulatto”… horrors! She has race identity issues and must over compensate. While the college wants to integrate students, she wants to maintain a black house to maintain black culture. She hates Tyrone Perry movies that stereo-type black people. And white people who use the term African-American instead of black so they don’t seem racist are racist.

    The characters and plot really didn’t evolve that well. The black face “riot” that occurred was a let down and the message was confused. Perhaps the confused message is that race relations is stalled at crossroads, pulling in a number of directions.

    The best part of the film was the silent movie shown within the film. Most of the drama of the film I found artificial and boring. “Black or White” or even “Supremacy” are better and more realistic films about race relations… and less boring.

    Guide: F-bomb, N-word, implied sex

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