Digital #Ham4Ham 1/17/16: “Martin Luther King”, words & music by Barbara Ames

Hello hello hello! For today’s Ham4Ham show, we are in my elementary school auditorium. I should explain.

Our elementary school music teacher, Barbara Ames, wrote THE BEST Martin Luther King song so that her students would have something to sing in January, in addition to We Shall Overcome.

It’s a crime that the world doesn’t know this song. So I put out a call, and over 50 alums spanning 15 years showed up to sing it with me. Huge thanks to Arthur “The Geniuses” Lewis on piano, Lisa Siegmann and Danny San Germano at Hunter, and Jennifer Raab, president of Hunter, for letting us go back home to make this.

Below is the list of participants. Ms. Ames, know that for every kid on this list, there are 10 more of your students who just couldn’t make it to NY and wanted to be there. We love you so much. Thanks for changing our lives.

Aaron Jones
Adra Greenstein
Alisa Nutakor
Andrew Wolinsky
Angela Brown
Ariel Behr
Ariel Ramchandani
Charlie Wittenberg
Chloe Bass
Daniel M Torres
Danny SanGermano
David Kupferstein
Eli Adler
Elia Monte-Brown
Elizabeth Kandel
Emily Pinkowitz
Haydée Brown
James Bryant
Jonathan Bogarin
Jonathan Wolff
Joshua Pittman
Juliet Ross
Kay Esterman
Laura Jones
Leana Jones Phipps
Lin Manuel Miranda
Lindsay McNeil
Loren Hammonds
Meaghan Boyle (Lynch)
Monique Meertens
Nicole Duignan
Nuriel Adler
Ondie Suarez
Pia Silva Wasterval
Raph Posner
Robert Sherman (ES teacher)
Robert Sosin
Roger Perry-Stovall
Sam Benen
Sarah Koatz
Sari Laufer
Serena Jones Hawerton
Sma Shweisky
Talya Ramchandani
Tania Cohen
Touré Harris
Will Morel
Zach Behr

Violet Elisabeth Cass

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