Epic Pee Prank – Car Edition

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Prankster – Dennis Roady

Anna Kamicovic

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  • Hammad 2 years ago

    Someone pranked me like this:1. In a break time at scoohl, tell the person that you will meet them somewhere but cross your fingers behind your back where they can’t see. 2. Go near the place but hide. 3. Wait for them to come looking for you and, when they’re not looking in your direction, run away. 4. When they finally see you, run away and turn it into a game of chase. 5.If they get upset stop and blame someone else that is next to you or close to you that you are friends with. 6. Your friend will probably march up and confront them. 7. Laugh your head off when your other friend turns around and has no idea what is happenning!LOL! XD!

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