A few nice videos images I found:

video rigs meet digital SLR’s

Image by fensterbme
a few video rigs attached to digital SLR’s for the use of high-def video recording. In the photo are a number of systems from Red Rock Micro and Cinevate.

The amount of people talking video continues to increase with Steadicam, and other video focused vendors both attending the trade show as well as speakers talking about doing video and and how to integrate still and motion images.

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Video Interview with Alfie Goodrich

Image by Stuck in Customs
Daily Surprise: Video Interview with Alfie Goodrich
While I was in Tokyo, I had the good fortune of getting to work with Alfie. It’s a very short talk, but we get to find out more about digital medium format cameras, Alfie, and some of Alfie’s amazing work. You can find out more about him on http://japanorama.co.uk/.
Video Embeds from SmugMug
Today’s video is hosted over at SmugMug (I have a SmugMug Review) here on the site. What do you think of the embedding? Does it play smooth for you? Can you see it in HD when you go to full screen mode? Is it easy to use compared to YouTube videos? Let me know your feedback!

video test

Image by Sidereal
Wow. Flickr has video now.

Explanation of this video

It’ll be interesting to see if this rich content is blocked at work.