Classic Game Room reviews DEAD OR ALIVE DIMENSIONS for Nintendo 3DS from Tecmo Koei. Dead or Alive Dimensions is a fighting game from Team Ninja and brings the Dead or Alive characters back into the ring with fast paced moves and combos. Kick ass with a large number of playable fighters (many characters need to be unlocked) and dress them up in crazy outfits. The 3D effect used in Dead or Alive Dimensions is subtle and works well with both the fighting and well directed cut scenes. Instead of rolling around in the dirt in a bikini or bending over while playing beach volleyball, the girls in DOA Dimensions on Nintendo 3DS kick ass and take names! There’s numerous modes of video game gameplay in Dead or Alive Dimensions like arcade, storyline, vs., and throwdown. This CGR review of Dead or Alive Dimensions for Nintendo 3DS has Dead or Alive Dimensions gameplay showing Dead or Alive Dimensions game play in HD video footage during this Dead or Alive 3DS video review.