RIP La Baby Smiley Homenaje Official Ultimo Beso por Triste De Nemesis Video Oficial HD

Rachel Aboytes known to the music industry around the world as La Baby Smiley took her last breath in the middle of a street where she was taken with the angels. She was a victim of a heartless crime shot in a residential area and left in the middle of the street gasping for life. She was pronounce dead by coroners moments after arrival. Rachel Aboytes worked at a small pizza restaurant downtown in Denver and was working for a better life. Rachel’s family and friends are going through a tragic time of loss and really need your aid to give Rachel Aboytes a minimal funeral farewell. We ask from the kindness of your heart to aid us with the expenses. Even 1 dollar of your time will help us give Rachel Aboytes the basic funeral she deserves, Thank you all for your condolences and warm kind words you have for our lil mija our lil baby who is smiling upon us today. We miss you Baby Smiley and love you now and forever.

Seth Dewonne

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