Question by That one: Do you think granny boots would look good with a gypsy costume?
I’m going to be a gypsy for Halloween but all I have that looks like it might go is a pair of black granny boots with a rose embroidered on the sides. The rest of the costume is a white gauzy corset top with a peasant skirt, and a blue velvet sequence shawl. I’m going to wear a scarf as a headband and a lot of bangle bracelets. What do you think?

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Answer by Ashleigh
Historically speaking, most gypsy women (of the classically defined period in literature) went about their business barefoot. As far as boots are concerned, that is a corruption of facts brought about by Hollywood’s need to comply with the draconian censorship laws of the time.
So, tell me: can you dance (barefoot) whilst playing the tambourine?

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