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by Torley

Why teddies are so sexy

Today there are so many different styles of sexy underwear to choose from it is often difficult to decide where to start. We love the way a babydoll flows around the curves while still being a bit cheeky, yet very feminine. The way a corset hugs the female form and creates the perfect cleavage or the way a body stocking sits so snugly against the skin and the way a teddie covers just enough to be subtle but still says “here I am, come get me�.

A teddie can be that perfect all rounder garment for those who like to be adventurous while treading on the cautions side. Especially if you are buying lingerie for the first time or you are buying lingerie for your partner. Teddies are a very flattering item of clothing that suits many figures and is also available in a variety of styles and fabrics so you arecertain to find one that you like.

Teddies started out in the 1900’s as a loose fitting item of clothing that wasn’t as flattering as the sexy teddies that we know today. They were mostly made from plain materials and looked more like a loose fitting babydoll with a piece of material that attached the front and back of the garment beneath the crotch making it into a teddie instead of a babydoll. Teddies were marketed under the name camiknickers during the 1920’s; the name was derived from camisole and knickers as they resembled a joined camisole and knickers. Camiknickers were worn by women during the second world ward when women served in the military and wore trousers instead of skirts. But became less popular as an undergarment by the late 1940’s.

Teddies started to gain popularity as a sexy fasion accessory during the 1980’s when teddies became a trendy undergarment made popular by celebrities. During this time period the teddie was no longer styled as a baggy undergarment and became a fitted, figure hugging garment that no longer had upper leg coverage as a standard feature. Simple materials were swapped for spandex that provided a durable material with many textures and colours enabling manufacturers to create many different styles.

Today teddies are more trendy than ever, not only as a practical foundation garment to give shape but also as a sensual and sexy lingerie item. With more styles to choose from than ever before, there is no excuse not to have or get a sexy teddie for your partner.

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