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“Supernatural, horror, or scary stories have the power to catch the eyes, whether we are believers, non-believers or skeptics. Even in this 21st century, thousands of stories have been written, read and shared on suspense, existence of supernatural creatures, spirits haunting after they were called back to Earth, serial killers hunting people down and stories told to little children around the campfire. Now, the very first query comes to everyone’s mind is what exactly are Supernatural powers or things? Any power beyond natural or exists outside natural law and the Observable universe is known as Supernatural powers. In simple words, Supernatural things are such activities or things which are too extreme or far fetched to be natural or normal things and such things include ghosts, zombies, and anything on those lines. Supernatural horror has its roots in legends and religious traditions, concentrating on death, the afterlife, good and bad spirits

Many of us are believers as well as nonbelievers of the strange activities reported of spirits. Though no one knows the truth behind such haunted activities them, still everyone still has a story to share. These stories have been written on the Internet but only a few of them get noticed and appreciated and above all get a chance to be published.

Here, we are feeling very proud to share Short n Scary Stories, a recently launched website, which is all set to give to you a platform to get world wide recognition and a rare opportunity to have it published. Write, submit and share a short scary story which you believe is enough to give the readers nightmares and Goosebumps. We provide you the stage to share the scariest thoughts, memories or real life experiences in the form of a short scary story through
Why to choose short n scary only, when there are numerous sites with same approach. Following are some of the few advantages of our website are:
• Simple and short procedure for registering and becoming a member of the website.
• Get noticed by worldwide audience, media, agents and various educational institutions.
• Create profile and comment on various other stories as well, thus helping the author to gain a possible feedback for his/her own short story.
• Golden opportunity to get your short scary story published in form of a book. The best rated and highest voted stories will get their pages booked in the book of short scary stories collection, which will be published by us finally.
• In order to fill the authors with zest and zeal to come up with more ideas and stories, Short n Scary Stories holds a weekly contest of “Best Story of the Week”, where the finest story is selected based on its content, rating and number of people voting for it.

Short n Scary Story is a unique imitative where anyone can post and share their real life terrifying scary experiences and earn name and fame globally. You may go through our collection of scary stories to get ideas and choose among the sub-genres. So, sign up and register your self now to add your story!

For more information about this website please log on to or send a direct mail at”

If you have some dark side to share with worldwide audience then is the perfect stage. We provide a major collection of horror stories on the web written by the users who have some witty and true scary experience. Join us and share your ideas or true stories worldwide.


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