True Facts About The Seahorse

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Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission

Photos Licensed by: (titles and authors in order of appearance)

seahorse (Hippocampus) swimming Isolated on black.

A seahorse hovering mid water
Joanne Weston/

Pygmy seahorse Hippocampus bargibanti
Dray van Beeck/

Seahorse on reef

Thorny sea horse (Hippocampus histrix)

pygmy seahorse – Hippocampus Colemani

pontohi pygmy seahorse
Teguh Tirtaputra/

Sea horses
Vladimir Wrangel/

Sea Horses
Vladimir Wrangel/

Seahorse Lovers

A Pygmy Seahorse on its host sea fan
Jung Hsuan/

Valerie Berger

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