True Facts About The Tapir

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On Location: The Malayan Tapir/ DeadMonkey8984

2012 10 08 Newborn Tapir/Tibor Jäger

El Tapir/Carlos Gracia Alonso

tapir/ vilena makarica

Young tapirs have brown hair with white stripes and spots, a pattern which enables them to hide effectively in the dappled light of the forest./MaZiKab

Cute Baby Tapir/marqaso2

Omaca and her calf.mpg/brucepattersonius

Corcovado National Park Baird’s Tapir Encounter/Rob Sall


Malayan tapirs/Marie Hale

Malayan tapirs

Tapir Says Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese/Eric Kilby

Tapir Says Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese

Tapir with humorous expression/Pixel Memoirs

The Tapirs of Sigsipamba – Cantón Pimampiro – Prov. Imbabura./SemillaAmbiental

Malayan Tapir Chases Bird – Bronx Zoo – Jack & Matthew – Feb 2009/wallstreetchef

Tapirs at the MetroZoo/thecrazycuban

Tapir Swimming/bouju1

Taronga Zoo Animals Beat The Heat With Cold Treats/Marianna Massey/Stringer

Corcovado National Park Baird’s Tapir Encounter/Rob Sall

Baird’s Tapir/Eric Kilby

Baird's Tapir

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission

Valerie Berger

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  • Mance 3 years ago

    Ruth FoxHi Petr are coming to our soochl in June..Wrotham Road Primary in Gravesend. We are all very excited and as the art coordinator I thought an art day based around your beautiful illustrations would be a lovely day for the children. Could you tell me what sort of paint you use, what other materials and media you use so I can check the art stock! Hope you have time to reply, I appreciate you are busy thanks and I love your picture of Lucy’!!!! Best wishes, Ruth x

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