What to do When There are Maggots in Your Eyeball

Warning: This is not for the squeamish! Sometimes things get pretty rough in the field, and there’s no chance of a speedy medical evacuation. National Geographic explorer and engineer Albert Lin led an expedition team to Mongolia in search of Genghis Khan’s tomb. One of the most valuable tools ended up being the wisdom of the local Mongolian nomads. “Having flies lay eggs in your eyes actually happens more often than you would think [on the Mongolian steppe], so they’ve figured out a pretty simple solution,” says Lin. He was grateful that they were traveling with someone who could provide an unusual remedy. The archaeological investigation took place in the remote Ikh Khorig, or “forbidden zone.” The team used noninvasive technologies—such as satellite imagery, ground-penetrating radar, and geophysical instruments—to avoid digging in the sacred region.

Manuel Remisido

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